Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is charged with finalizing plans for the social program for every International Biometric Conference, including an evening welcome reception, a fun reception for students and early career researchers, exciting tours and excursions, and a Gala Dinner. The LOC's primary goal is to bring a memorable local flavor to each IBC. 

LOC Invitation Letter

The IBC 2024 Local Organizing Committee welcomes you to Atlanta, a city of change.  From its beginnings as the city of Terminus, the end of the eastern rail lines to hosting one of the busiest airports in the world, Atlanta has been and remains a place of transition. Atlanta is a place of new ideas in its historically Black colleges and universities, Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta; in the engineering innovations of Georgia Tech; and in the biomedical research of Morehouse School of Medicine and Emory University.  Atlanta is a global hub for public health, home to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Task Force for Global Health; CARE; and the Carter Center.   Atlanta holds a special place in the history of civil rights in the U.S. and his home to Ebenezer Baptist Church and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  Atlanta is a place of natural wonder near the origin of the Appalachian Trail, home to Stone Mountain, the Georgia Aquarium, Fernbank Natural History Museum, and Zoo Atlanta.  Atlanta is a place of competition and home to the College (U.S.) Football Hall of Fame, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta United.  Finally, Atlanta is a place of creativity with movie location tours, Tyler Perry Studios, and the Fox Theatre.


We welcome IBC 2024 to Atlanta and look forward to adding your new ideas, your innovations, and your insights to this rich environment.




Lance A. Waller

Emory University

Local Organizing Committee Co-Chair


IBC Organizing president

The outgoing IBS president assumes the role of Organizing President for the International Biometric Conference, and is responsible to the IBS Executive Board for all aspects of IBC organization in partnership with the Local Organizing Committee, the International Program  Committee, and the International Business Office (IBO). 

A Welcome Letter from José Pinheiro

A warm welcome to the website of 32nd International Biometric Conference - IBC2024, to be held from December 8 –13, 2024, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel in Atlanta, U.S.A. This website will be the main source of information about IBC2024, including the scientific and social programs, registration fees and deadlines, travel and lodging information, and important updates on all of these. I encourage you to visit it regularly for updates on the conference. 

As most of you must be aware, IBC2024 was originally planned to be hosted by the Argentinean Region in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unanticipated issues in Argentina, completely beyond the control of the Argentinean Region, have forced the location of the conference to be moved to the vibrant city of Atlanta, in the southern state of Georgia, in the U.S.A. We are very thankful to the co-chairs of the original Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Maria Gabriela Cendoya and Silvia Sühring, for their unwavering support during all stages of the planning for IBC2024, including the disappointing and difficult decision to move it to Atlanta. They remain actively involved in the organization of the conference, being joined in the LOC by Lance Waller (ENAR), who has graciously agreed to become an LOC co-chair and help putting together the social program (including the welcome reception, excursions, and the conference dinner), as well as assisting with local arrangements in Atlanta.

The International Program Committee (IPC), chaired by Dimitris Rizopoulos (Netherlands Region), is busy putting together the scientific program for the meeting, having already finalized the invited program and being now focused on the contributed sessions. As in previous IBCs, the program will feature several special sessions, such as the Biometrics and JABES Showcase sessions, the Young Statisticians Showcase session, and the Presidential Keynote Address. New to this year’s program will be two special invited sessions organized by a team of young statisticians from different IBS regions around the world, who came together for the purpose of putting together these sessions – stay tuned and visit this website for more details. The Education Committee (EC) has finalized the short course program, to be presented on Sunday, Dec 08. The EC is currently chaired by Rafael Moral (British-Irish Region) but was chaired by Annette Kopp-Schneider (German Region) during most of the short course program review process.

The behind-the-scenes logistics that ensure all aspects of the meeting organization run smoothly and lead to another highly successful conference is the responsibility of the International Biometric Office (IBO). This includes the entire abstract submission process, as well as the creation and management of this website. Our sincere thanks to Peter Doherty, Alexander Iula and the rest of the IBO staff for their dedication and competent professional support to IBC2024.

I close with an invitation to all biometricians, and other quantitative scientists with an interest in Biometry, to come to Atlanta and join us in what promises to be another exciting IBC meeting – all of us involved in the organization of the conference welcome ideas and suggestions on how to make IBC2024 a great success. I have had the privilege of visiting Atlanta on several opportunities, both for professional conferences and for leisure travelling, and am sure that all who come to IBC2024 will find it a welcoming destination, full of diversity and rich in history. 

I look forward to seeing you all in Atlanta later this year.

José Pinheiro
Organizing President IBC2024

IBS Executive Board

Iris Pigeot German Region President



José C. Pinheiro Eastern North American Region Outgoing President



Sarah Ratcliffe Eastern North American Region Treasurer (1st Term)



Tarylee Reddy South African Region Secretary (1st Term)



Andrea Berghold Austro-Swiss Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Clelia Di Serio Italian Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Kate Crespi Western North American Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Ricardus Vonk German Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2024
Scarlett Bellamy Eastern North American Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Thomas Achia
Kenyan Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Taesung Park Korean Region Director 1/1/2023 12/31/2026
Amy Herring Eastern North American Region Director 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Christopher Triggs Australasian Region Director 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Maria Gabriela Cendoya Argentina Region Director 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Ruth Keogh British & Irish Region Director 1/1/2021 12/31/2024
Tim Friede ex officio Representative Council Chair



Vicente Núñez-Antón Spanish Region Outgoing Treasurer



Peter Doherty ex officio Executive Director

International Program committee (IPC)

The International Program Committee is charged with the planning and direction of the scientific facets of the International Biometric Conference. The Members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Organizing President for that Conference, in consultation with the International Program Committee Chair, and shall include Member representative of the overall scientific interests and geographical spread of the Society. It shall also include a representative from the Local Organizing Committee. 

IPC Chair Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues,

I look forward to welcoming you in person to the IBC 2024 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia! Meeting up with friends and colleagues at a conference is inspiring, educational, and fun. There is also no doubt that Atlanta will be a perfect place to do this. 

The IBC is one of the world’s premier statistics conferences. Thanks to the IBS Business Office staff and our various planning committees, IBC 2024 promises to maintain this fine tradition. We have already had an excellent response to calls for the invited and contributed sessions, and we look forward to expanding our list of participants. IBC 2024 will include a wide diversity of researchers and practitioners with respect to gender, geography, discipline, and seniority. The rich blend of topics and perspectives at IBC 2024 promises to be an excellent catalyst for a fantastic future for statistical sciences!

On behalf of the International Program Committee (IPC) and the Supporting Committees, we invite you to join us for IBC 2024. 

Kind regards,

Dimitris Rizopoulos, Chair, IPC

View Committee Members

Dimitris Rizopoulos, Chair Netherlands  01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Margarita Moreno Betancur Australasian 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Freedom Gumedze South African 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Adriana Alicia Pérez Argentinean 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Luzia Aparecida Trinca Brazilian 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Satoshi Hattori Japan 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Samuel Mwalili Kenyan 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Ruining Xi China 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Claus Thorn Ekstrøm Nordic-Baltic 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Ioannis Ntzoufras Eastern Mediterranean 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Theodore Kypraios British-Irish 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Nadine Binder German 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Mouna Akacha Austro-Swiss 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Elizabeth Ogburn Eastern North American 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Tanya Garcia Eastern North American 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Aya Mitani Eastern North American 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Frank Bretz Austro-Swiss 01/01/2023 12/31/2024
Alexander Iula Staff Liaison
Supporting Committee Members
Annibale Biggeri Italy
Clarice Demetrio Brazil
Christel Faes Belgium
Samuel Manda South Africa
Martina Mittlboeck Austria
Miranda Mortlock Australia
Pere Puig Casado Spain
Lola Ugarte Martinez Spain